This Mortal Coil

this is from the heart of Me, living up to my name. Living up ....just to survive.

Monday, March 28, 2005

wow, theres sumone who's been here!


we meet again in this not-so-serious blog of mine. made becoz i was jelous of my frens very creative blogs, but then..wen im halfway(or shld i say quarter way) i feel so tired of havin to type so much. aft all, i alredy hv a diary. hahaaa... nway mr. anonymous, gee, thanks so much 4 dropping by! it feels soo gud. u know. i feel appreciated. :) oops, saat2 emotional sudah tamat ye.

so, God willing, i shall continue...writing. tskk...

yes mr. anonymous, i tink ive made my decision now. i do not want to work(yet) or marry (yet). i want to study. ive had this long 2 hr talk with abah umi n ive made up my mind. plus the 24hrs session of thinking(ke brangan) bout my futre. yes, thanks to all. :)

.:eh rjn gak diri ini tulih pnjg camni:. hmm!


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Where am i going?

SPM. yap, ive passed that stage. so, where to now?